World Emoji Day 2018

July 17 is celebrated as World Emoji Day.

Disney Emoji Blitz debuted on July 14, 2016, just a few days ahead of World Emoji Day. Often, the celebration of both run together.

This year, in the days leading up to World Emoji Day, players who opened the app received two birthday diamond box picks. They could receive Retro Minnie, Steamboat Willie Mickey, or Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

2-Year Anniversary Giveaway Box! 🎉🎁🎂

2 years, 1,500+ emojis and items, and 250,000+ Facebook Blitzers later… WOW! 😍🙌🎈 Celebrate Disney Emoji Blitz's 2-year anniversary by launching your game today AND tomorrow to collect Steamboat Willie, Retro Minnie, or Oswald! Then, be sure to use your collected emojis during the 3-day Retro Challenge, July 13 – 15!

Posted by Disney Emoji on Friday, July 13, 2018

On World Emoji Day, players who opened the app received one free emoji from the following selection: Mulan, Miguel, Kristoff, Aladdin, or Moana.

As World Emoji Day approaches next year, don’t forget to open the app each day and see what surprises are in store!