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This fan site was created for the players of Disney Emoji Blitz.

Artwork, including emojis and screenshots seen on this site, is owned and copyrighted by Disney. No ownership claim is made by the authors of this site. This site has no affiliation with game producer Jam City or any of the Disney family of companies.

Privacy Policy: The operators of this site are not lawyers, so here is our simple policy. If you choose to provide any information to this site, you do so without expectation of privacy, compensation, or recognition.

We try to keep our software up-to-date and be reasonable about safety, but if someone hacks into our database and gets the information that you shared with us, then our apology goes to you. If there was a breach, they also got our information too, so we sympathize.

We may use Google analytics to learn what posts are popular or where in the world people are visiting from. That’s the extent we plan to look at your data. If you give us an email address, then there is a chance we may send you a message someday – but probably not, so don’t get too excited.

If you are afraid of your information being used incorrectly, we suggest that you don’t share it online anywhere with anyone. And then hope that somebody else doesn’t share it online either.

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