Distribution: Exclusive Emoji. Unlock exclusive emojis in diamond boxes, special sales, and events.

Alakazam! Merlin’s magic transforms emojis into fish, squirrels, and birds!

Merlin changes your five-character game into a three-character game. Use your limited moves to make the best powerups you can. The game will transform back, but you keep your powerups.

I happen to be a wizard—a soothsayer! A prognosticator! I have the power to see into the future! Centuries into the future! ―Merlin introducing himself

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Distribution: Gold Box

Max Level: 5

Tap to escape the Marine Life Institute and reach Dory! It’s your destiny, Destiny!

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Destiny was introduced on May 31, 2019, as part of the Finding Dory Item Card Event.

Magic Carpet

Distribution: Exclusive Unlock in Diamond Box. After the emoji is unlocked, it is upgraded as an exclusive rainbow character.

Tap left or right to rescue Aladdin and Abu from the Cave of Wonders!

Watch for boulders coming toward Carpet and the passengers. Touch a lane that is free of the rocks to fly by safely. Depending on your level, you’ll be rewarded with Lightning Cloud or Sunshine Powerups.

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Blue Fairy

Distribution: Exclusive for completing level 300. Complete mission levels 330 and 360 to power up!

Tap to place a Rainbow Star and bring Pinocchio emojis to life!

The Blue Fairy allows you to place a rainbow star anywhere you want. Perhaps you’ll choose to place one next to a another power up or a collection item. The choice is yours.

Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday, you will be a real boy.

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Distribution: Exclusive Emoji. Unlock exclusive emojis in diamond boxes, special sales, and events. After the emoji is unlocked, it is added to the Gold Box.

Tap Aqua’s keyblade to cast Bubble Blaster and clear emojis!

Aqua’s keyblade spins round and round. Tap the board to stop it and cast the Bubble Blaster spell in your desired direction.

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Rainbow Mickey

Distribution: Exclusive Diamond Box

Rainbow Mickey parties into Blitz Mode and creates powerups!

Drop the disco ball and put on your party glasses, because Rainbow Mickey is celebrating his birthday in style! He’s got party prizes for his guests too – powerups and instant blitz mode!

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Baby Dory

Distribution: Exclusive Unlock from Finding Nemo Group Collection

Place purple shells to help baby Dory emoji find her way home.

Baby Dory’s parents, Jenny and Charlie, know how she loves shells! Touch the board to place a shell, and the emojis around that shell will become heart-eyed, making them worth more points when cleared.

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Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey

Distribution: Exclusive Diamond Box

Trace the magic path to make fireworks appear!

The stars are out, and Mickey is ready to make some fireworks magic! Trace the pattern before time runs out to get the biggest bang out of this emoji’s power!

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