Distribution: Gold Box

Max Level: 5

Till death do us part. Use the axe to clear emojis!

 Touch an emoji. The Bride throws her ax and clears the entire horizontal row. In sickness and in… wealth. For better or for… worse. As long as we BOTH shall live.

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Distribution: Exclusive Villain Emoji. Unlock exclusive emojis in diamond boxes, special sales, and events.

Clears rows of emojis with slithering tentacles.

Activate Ursula’s powers and her tentacles emerge from the left and right borders of the board to clear horizontal rows of emojis. When you level up, additional tentacles appear to clear emojis faster!

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Distribution: Gold Box

Tap to flap Orville and clear emojis. Ready for takeoff!

Help Orville take off with Bianca by tapping the screen.

If you do not tap the screen, Orville and Bianca clear the bottom row of emojis. If you tap quickly, you can raise Orville to the top and clear nearly all of the top row of emojis.

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Distribution: Series I Box

Tap the board to clear a row with an icy freeze.

Tap the board to clear a horizontal row. The higher Elsa’s power level, the more rows that can be cleared.

Elsa is very helpful for food fight or villain events where characters may be – um, frozen (no pun intended).

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Kermit the Frog

Distribution: Series I Box

Tap the music notes! Each tap clears surrounding emojis!

Kermit strums his banjo, causing music notes to float to the top of the board. Tap the notes to clear the emojis in that area. Or let the notes float all the way to the top to clear the top two rows.

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