Distribution: Exclusive Unlock from Inside Out Group Collection

Shake to empty Bing Bong’s imaginary satchel on the board.

Bing Bong has collected great memories and surprises in his bottomless bag. Shake it to empty the prizes onto your board by swiping your finger quickly back and forth until the time meter runs out. Come on Joy, I’ve got feeling about this one.

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Hatbox Ghost

Distribution: Series II Box

Ghostly heads float up and appear on the board.

 And now, for his next trick, the Hatbox Ghost will make his own head disappear! Hatty adds additional Hatbox Ghost emojis to the board, creating the possibility for more combinations and powerups.

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Distribution: Gold Box

Max Level: 5

Transforms nearby emojis into different random emojis!

Whatever else you do, do not throw off the Emperor’s groove! Kuzco turns into a llama and duplicates several emojis around him in the process. As you level up, Kuzco transforms to a llama and back again, duplicating emojis around him twice–useful for making Lightning-Cloud or Sunshine powerups!

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Distribution: Gold Box

Max Level: 5

Transforms nearby emojis into Tiana emojis.

The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work. Or to kiss a frog. Tiana emojis duplicate next to each other, creating combinations that clear emojis and create powersups.

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Spirit Mufasa

Distribution: Exclusive Unlock from The Lion King Group Collection. Maximum Level 1.

Spirit Mufasa inspires Simba to roar like a king!

Mufasa’s power causes Simba characters to duplicate, often creating combinations that clear emojis or create new powerups.

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Magic Mirror

Distribution: Exclusive Diamond Box

Magic Mirror reflects the fairest powerups, items and emojis of them all!

The Magic Mirror takes the two “highest ranking” powerups and reflects them so you end up with two powerups side-by-side. If you don’t have any powerups on the board when you select Magic Mirror, it will reflect two random emojis, often creating a chain of three or four.

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