Mary Poppins

Distribution: Exclusive Emoji. Unlock exclusive emojis in diamond boxes, special sales, and events. After the emoji is unlocked, it is added to the Rainbow Box.

Mary flies across the board with her umbrella, carrying away other emojis!

Spit, spot now! Off we go! Columns of emojis will fly away, leaving Mary Poppins emojis to fall to the bottom of the board.

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Distribution: Gold Box

Max Level: 5

The magic of the Penguin dance transforms emojis into Penguins and Berts!

The emojis on your board will indubitably change to two characters: penguin and Bert. Make matches to turn them into candy cane stripes. When your power is used, say no more, Gov’ner! The gameboard will change back and the emojis covered by those candy cane stripes will be cleared.

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