Rainbow Mickey

Distribution: Exclusive Diamond Box

Rainbow Mickey parties into Blitz Mode and creates powerups!

Drop the disco ball and put on your party glasses, because Rainbow Mickey is celebrating his birthday in style! He’s got party prizes for his guests too – powerups and instant blitz mode!

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Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey

Distribution: Exclusive Diamond Box

Trace the magic path to make fireworks appear!

The stars are out, and Mickey is ready to make some fireworks magic! Trace the pattern before time runs out to get the biggest bang out of this emoji’s power!

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Rose Gold Minnie

Distribution: Exclusive Diamond Box

Tap to create flowers which clear nearby emojis.

With Rose Gold Minnie you are sure to always be in fashion! Touch the screen to place a rose gold flower. The spot you touch and surrounding emojis are cleared.

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Distribution: Gold Box

Tap to flap Orville and clear emojis. Ready for takeoff!

Help Orville take off with Bianca by tapping the screen.

If you do not tap the screen, Orville and Bianca clear the bottom row of emojis. If you tap quickly, you can raise Orville to the top and clear nearly all of the top row of emojis.

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8-Bit Mickey

Distribution: Exclusive Unlock from the Mickey and Friends collection. Added to the Silver Box to level up.

Help 8-Bit Mickey jump and collect apples to clear more emojis.

Mickey Mouse does his best impression of Super Mario Run!

When you activate Mickey’s power, you play a mini game. Tap the board to make Mickey jump on the platforms.

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