Hatbox Ghost

Distribution: Series II Box

Ghostly heads float up and appear on the board.

 And now, for his next trick, the Hatbox Ghost will make his own head disappear! Hatty adds additional Hatbox Ghost emojis to the board, creating the possibility for more combinations and powerups.

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Distribution: Series II Box

Transforms into a hawk, bug, or shark!

Maui. Shapeshifter. Demigod of the wind and sea. I call forth your might—

“Hero of men. It’s actually ‘Maui, shapeshifter, Demigod of the wind and sea, hero of men.’ I interrupted, from the top—hero of men. Go.”

Um, yes. Um. Maui. Shapeshifter. Demigod of the wind and sea. Hero of men. I call forth your mighty power to clear emojis from the game board.

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