Scrooge McDuck

Distribution: Series III Box

Dives into the Money Bin! Clears emojis and gets a bunch of extra coins!

After working his way up the financial ladder of life, what better way to pass the time then by diving into his money bin?! Scrooge takes the leap onto the gameboard, clearing emojis and yielding coins for you.

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Princess Aurora

Distribution: Series III Box

The Good Fairies’ magic helps clear the board, transform emojis, or give a score boost.

Each time you call upon Briar Rose’s power a different fairy, using a different power, will help you.

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Prince Phillip

Distribution: Series III Box

Slashes the board and tosses the Sword of Truth to clear emojis.

“Now Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!” – Flora. Prince Phillip skillfully clears emojis from the board with the Sword of Truth.

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Launchpad McQuack

Distribution: Series III Box

Takes a crash course on flying and clears emojis in the flight path!

What’s a flight with Launchpad without a crash landing! He clear emojis as he flies across the board. At first it’s just a plunging dive, but as you level him up, he does a loop-de-loop!

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