Distribution: Gold Box

Tap and hold to grow Violet’s force field and clear emojis within!

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Violet and Dash first became available on Thursday, September 13, 2018, during The Incredibles 2 event.

Mr. Incredible

Distribution: Gold Box

Rescues emojis from pending peril by clearing them with super strength!

Alias: Robert “Bob” Parr

Someone (and my money’s on the Omnidroid) is hurling automobiles through the air towards unsuspecting emojis! Mr. Incredible to the rescue. He clears groups of emojis from the path of the crashing car, saving the day yet again!

As you level up Mr. Incedible, he saves a larger group of emojis!


Distribution: Gold Box

Tap the board to stretch punch emojis!

Moms are superheros too! They must be resourceful and dexterous to get everything done while they protect the ones they love. Touch an emoji and Elastigirl will eliminate the threat.

(aliases: Mrs. Incredible and Helen Parr)

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Distribution: Exclusive Diamond Box

A random emoji happens every time! Try to keep up with the baby!

Will a giant Jack-Jack fall from the sky, bouncing emojis off of the board? Will demon Jack-Jack scare away emojis? Or will Jack-Jack do something else entirely? Play to find out all of Jack-Jack’s incredible superpowers.

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