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Tap the board to clear a row with an icy freeze.

Tap the board to clear a horizontal row. The higher Elsa’s power level, the more rows that can be cleared.

Elsa is very helpful for food fight or villain events where characters may be – um, frozen (no pun intended).

Pictured is a level 3 Elsa. After activating her power, the user can clear 3 rows.

Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle. She does not qualify for Disney Princess emoji missions.

Elsa is an original character from the game release on July 14, 2016.

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Superladies? They’re always trying to tell you their secret identity… think it’ll strengthen the relationship or something like that. I say, “Girl, I don’t wanna know about your mild-mannered alter ego or anything like that. I mean, you tell me you’re, uh… S-Super, Mega, Ultra Lightning Babe, that’s alright with me. I’m good… I’m good.

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