Distribution: Exclusive Emoji. Unlock exclusive emojis in diamond boxes, special sales, and events. After the emoji is unlocked, it is added to the Rainbow Box.

Figment’s imagination runs wild and uses a random emoji’s power!

With just one little spark of inspiration, Figment will transform and use the power of another emoji on your game board. Will it be an emoji that clears other emojis? Will it create powerups? Or will it be an emoji that you need to touch the board and interact with? Watch closely and be ready! A dream can be a dream come true with just that spark, from me and you!

Have you added Figment to your collection yet? He uses his imagination to replicate the power of any emoji on the board! 🌈💫

Posted by Disney Emoji on Sunday, August 4, 2019

Figment joined the game during the Disney Parks Worldwide Item Card Event on August 1, 2019.

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Probably because you need to update your app. Also, the Disney Parks event actually ended at midnight this morning.

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