Distribution: Gold Box

Max Level: 5

Blathering blatherskite! Gizmoduck attempts to foil the Beagle Boys’ plans.

Those bumbling Beagle Boys won’t get away with their crimes as long as Gismoduck is standing watch! His high-tech inventions will stop them in their tracks and return the coins to your bank.

Gizmoduck is Here! 🎉

Blathering blatherskite, there are only two more days to play the Magica de Spell Villain Event! 🌪 It really flies by when you're playing with lucky emojis like Gizmoduck… 😏 Leave a comment if you're loving these new emojis!

Posted by Disney Emoji on Saturday, August 18, 2018

Gizmoduck first appeared August 16-20 in a five-day special event. At the same event, Webby also appeared in the Gold box and Magica de Spell appeared as an exclusive villain in the Diamond box

Gizmoduck’s missiles always hit their targets. Just not always the right ones.

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