Distribution: Silver Box.

Max Level: 3

Gawrsh! Goofy hits the board and shuffles it!

When playing an event where emojis are frozen or captured (such as villian events or food fights), Goofy’s power will free all characters on the board.

Goofy’s power is easy to regenerate. It is helpful when completing missions that require you to use an emoji’s power multiple times in one game.

Goofy is an original character from the game release on July 14, 2016.

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Hello There – I’m new here & have been playing Disney 7 weeks now. Spent $700 already to buy n play games to get Goofy. I finally got all all characters but Goofy. I got spent more $ but it has been 8 days already n still couldn’t they him but all repeat emojis with level 2. Does anyone know how to get him w/spending more $$? I am tired and felt so stupid to pay my head wanted money for stupid games but I love goofy and wanted to get it on my keyboard. Thanks

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