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There is nothing you really need to join for. Comments are open to anyone. The login is for the writers and admins.

Do you know how often they update the missions and items? It’s been a over a week now, and I’m still seeing ‘More missions coming soon’ (I’m at level 440), and ‘more items coming soon’. Need those missions to get me some of Hades’ Fiery Tokens. lol

I just had a new app update this morning, and when I opened the new app it downloaded the new missions.

A mahoosive ask – mission is “Clear 2800 emoji with a Pixar character from the bottom half of the board” Is there any way you can offer a filter option? I quiet often find myself with 2/3 missions I can do with 1 emoji but takes time to weedle thru each power/attribute/movie to find which one best to use.

At the bottom of this page, under Find an Emoji, click “Power” and then “Clear Bottom Half of Board”. Hope that helps.

So not sure if I explain I properly. I Have 2 missions use Bearded emoji for Horizontal swaps and use Tangled Emoji for vertical swaps – by going through Tangled emoji I can see that Flynn is also a Bearded emoji but is there a way I can search for multiple “tags” to find the best emoji to help with multiple missions? Hope that makes more sense

The game emoji blitz by: Disney is featuring a star wars “villain” challange this week! I have done a lot of challenges (and I keep going until you literally can’t continue without forking out money, pshhh. Whatever)! All i wanna kno is what is in the green box at the end of map 2?! I’m super close, but also very impatient and curious🙈🙉🙊

Thank you

Big shout out to Ryan for this site!!! I love the event calendar and the videos which show how an emoji uses its power. Thanks for all you do!!!

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