Mr. Incredible

Distribution: Gold Box

Max Level: 5

Rescues emojis from pending peril by clearing them with super strength!

Alias: Robert “Bob” Parr

Someone (and my money’s on the Omnidroid) is hurling automobiles through the air towards unsuspecting emojis! Mr. Incredible to the rescue. He clears groups of emojis from the path of the crashing car, saving the day yet again!

As you level up Mr. Incedible, he saves a larger group of emojis!

2 replies on “Mr. Incredible”

You think you should add a Dad tag to the character attributes and on the emojis? Such as Mr. Incredible, Hector, Spirit Mufasa, Tramp, and Crush.

Done. The interesting question is, do we consider “Descendants” here? If we do, there become a lot more ‘moms’ and ‘dads’. And Mal is part of the game. Hmmm… I guess until the game makers use the attribute for a mission and we find out differently, I’m going to only consider the character a parent if they have a child mentioned in their actual movie and not the Descendants storylines.

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