Printable List of Emojis

This is an experimental feature.

You may find it easier to read by doing one of the following:

  • Click the Excel icon at the lower-left to open in Microsoft Excel online.
  • Click the Download icon at the lower-right to download the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

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7 replies on “Printable List of Emojis”

I have been looking for a list, as you saw from my last e-mail. I do not have EXCEL so I can’t put it in alphabetical order to print it. Thank you for composing and sharing. My daughter got me started on this game during home quarantine and I am addicted.

In the bottom right, click View Full Size Workbook to open it in Excel online. There you will have sorting capabilities. Or, if you want to install a desktop application that opens and edits Microsoft Office documents, you can download LibreOffice.

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