Rainbow Mickey

Distribution: Exclusive Diamond Box

Rainbow Mickey parties into Blitz Mode and creates powerups!

Drop the disco ball and put on your party glasses, because Rainbow Mickey is celebrating his birthday in style! He’s got party prizes for his guests too – powerups and instant blitz mode!

At Level 1, Rainbow Mickey’s power will instantly start Blitz Mode and drop a rainbow star on the board.

At Level 2, Rainbow Mickey’s power will also drop a powerup.

Put on your dancing shoes because Instant Blitz Mode is about to start!

Rainbow Mickey first appeared on November 15, 2018, in the Clear the Frosting event, part of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday worldwide celebration.

6 replies on “Rainbow Mickey”

My Rainbow Mickey levelled up this week after completing an item card event. I believe he is the most versatile emoji I have. He drops a star and a power up, and starts blitz mode every time I use his power now.

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