Distribution: Exclusive Villain Emoji. Unlock exclusive emojis in diamond boxes, special sales, and events.

Tap Tamatoa’s shell for shiny coins and powerups!

An avid collector and hoarder, the narcissistic Tamatoa’s materialistic obsession has driven him into madness over time. Rapidly tap Tamatoa’s shell as he crawls across the bottom of your game board. The more you tap, the more treasures you can shake loose from his back.

Tamatoa first became available during the Tamatoa Villain Event on August 23, 2019.

2 replies on “Tamatoa”

You have a bug: Sometimes when Tamatoa leaves the play field he leaves some emojis dimmed and other emoji spots unoccupied. It seems to more when Tamatoa leaves without being hit sufficiently to be forced to leave.

I noticed that too when I played the villain event, especially with Grandma Tala. Just to remind you though, this site has no affiliation with the game producer Jam City or any of the Disney family of companies. If you want to report it, contact Jam City directly.

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